Linked With God


Introduction: Matthew 5:17-26

In our world we could use a little more stability.

-In the market place – In our relationships – In our families

In God’s world it is all about stability.

We Might Ask: Why did Jesus come? – This may be somewhat redundant.

-The reality of the historical Jesus has been under serious investigation.

-Archaeology continues to affirm what we already know from our Bible.

The Main Purpose Why Jesus Came:

-He did not primarily come to live in us by His Holy Spirit.

-He did not primarily come to obey the Law by keeping it perfectly.

-He came to lay down His life so that we could be redeemed from the grip of sin.

The Law:

-The Law was given to guide believers in God’s principles for life.

-The Lamb was given to be our sacrifice.

-Moses was chosen to be the Law giver.

-Aaron was chosen to be the High Priest.

-In ancient Israel the Law and the Scriptures went hand in hand.

-God arranged it that way – sin and atonement.

-This innocent sacrifice pointed forward to the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

-God through out the Old Testament points people to the coming Emmanuel.

-Jesus came to deliver Israel and redeem human beings from the grip and death of sin.

-When Jesus said he had come to fulfill the Law and the prophets.

-He meant – fulfill the great statements in the Old Testament.

What Is The Theme Of The Old Testament:

-Some may say it is primarily historical.

-It could be the birth, rise, and development of a people of God.

It is a record of the evolution of ideas:

-Ideas of God – Ideas of humanity – Ideas of Law, and social justice.

-The above themes are all there.

-The Primary Theme is redemption – The Garden of Eden – Paradise – is what God is after.

-The Theme of the two Testaments God desiring to Tabernacle among us.

-The theme of the Old and New Testament is Jesus our Christ. The Redeemer.

The One Statement In The Sermon On The Mount:

-It is a statement of the righteous foundation of all of God’s dealings.

-They will drive each of us to Jesus Christ.

-It is only in Him that we find Salvation – that is given by God (1 Corinthians 1:24-30).

To Link In With God:

-It requires more than basic moral and ethical standards of religion.

-It requires a righteousness that surpasses what the Pharisees and teachers of the Law had erected.

-God is only satisfied with His high standard of righteousness.

-To link with God is achieved through Jesus the door, Jesus said I am “The Door” (Jo 10:7).

-Human goodness on its own does not qualify.

-It is God’s nature to look on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7)

-Human goodness, righteousness, devalues God’s high standard of righteousness.

What Is The Chief End Of Man:

– The chief end is to glorify God, and enjoy Him forever (Micah 6:8).

– This will empower us to overcome urges that condescend on others.

– Our chief asset that we have is Jesus – our transforming agent.

– Therefore we can glorify God who included us in His thought and provision of redemption.

Particular Demand For Internal Righteousness:

-The character of the Christian. Long For

-Poor in spirit. Long For Hunger & Thirst

-Sorrowful for sin. Long For Righteousness

-Meek. Out From

-Hunger and thirst for righteousness.

-Merciful. Out From

-Pure in heart. Out From Hunger & Thirst

-A peacemaker. Out From Righteousness

-Faithful in persecution. Because Of

Jesus Affirms The Law.

-Actually Jesus contrasts His teaching with the Old Testament.

-He escalates the Law to where it was already tending or leading.

-Murder escalates to a prohibition of anger and abusive speech.

-We need to restrain ourselves from giving what another deserves.

-We are called to guard dignity for ourselves and others.

-Striping someone’s identity and placing upon them a defacing identity

is Jesus’ objection – when we do not agree with a leader – we deface them.

-Defacing another person was a major offense in Jesus’ day – make others look like villains.

-We are to outclass the Law and the righteousness of the Pharisees.

-Angry speech – the evil intent is what is wrong.

-The core problem – spiritual degradation.

Anger Does Great Harm:

-In our world of self as the highest good – anger can come easily.

-Churchill Said: A man is as big as what makes him angry.

-When angry words come out, anger wins.

-Our culture is filled with the carnage of anger.

-The fasted horse is unable to outrun an angry outburst.

-Anger is an expression of a distorted heart condition.

-A diseased heart wants someone else out of the way – defacing – discrediting – character assassination – condescending – contempt – etc.

-Anger is an attitude of the heart.

-Jesus has zero tolerance with this type of behaviour.

-We are Salt and Light – Salt and Vinegar belongs in chips.

-Those who speak rude cannot sell honey – But those who speak sweet can sell chillies.

Jesus Presents A Command Of Reconciliation.

-Jesus is reminding us of His attributes – The Fruit Of The Spirit comes to mind.

-To fix our differences is more important then to stay at a worship service (Matt 5:24).

-Healthy relationships are very important.

-Reconciliation is more important than rights and fairness.

-God does not want our offering if we are not right with our brother or sister. Period.

-The heart of God is in reconciliation – reconciliation should be as natural as breathing to us.

Gods Empowerment:

-God empowers us to live at this escalated level of faith.

-God lives in our heart – out of which our moral and ethical lifestyle comes.

-We are filled with the Holy Spirit.

-Peggy Kaufman suggested – The fuller the pot the longer it takes to boil.

When we evaluate our conversation:

-Does it compliment a person.

-Does it imply we are better then they – condescending.

-Does it degrade the other person.

-If it degrades others in their character or person we are guilty of murder.


If our enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.

In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:19-21).

-God is saying if we live as He intends us to live, we may face opposition but when it comes He Himself promises to protect our interests.

-When we get to heaven, having lived as Christ lived, we shall be vindicated in the presence of the universe.

-This is indeed possible for each one that is linked with God.

Author: Ben Funk