1. To minister to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of adherents, and the public.
    1. Teaching spiritual and biblically formed moral principles to live by.
      1. Through Sunday morning worship services teaching principles of Jesus to be good citizens in both providing for the poor and needy.
      2. Providing weekly opportunity for further studies in biblical principles for life.
    2. Children’s Ministry:
      1. Using the Awana Ministry weekly program to teach children biblical principles for life through stories found in Holy Scripture.
      2. Teaching social skills through specifically designed games for interaction.
      3. Provide annual vacation Bible school for children 12 and under – this includes a variety of activities: crafts, songs, teaching biblical principles for life through Bible Stories.
    3. Other Ministries:
      1. Fisher River Bible Camp – supporting financially and with volunteers who serve in part as: Counselors, culinary staff, infrastructure maintenance, life guards.
      2. We share our facilities with a group of German speaking new immigrant.
      3. Concerned Persons Group – supporting family and friends of persons with a Substance Abuse Disorder: Offering free support and education to shift the focus to the supporting persons felt needs both emotional and spiritual.
  2. Physical Needs:
    1. Benevolent Fund – to help in assisting those in need in our community.
      1. Provide gift cards for groceries
      2. Contributing to community food hampers.
      3. Contributing to charitable organizations registered under CRA.
    2. Women’s Ministry:
      1. Organizing meals for new mothers.
      2. Organizing periodic hot meals for seniors who are ill.
      3. Organizing transportation for persons needing assistance getting to doctors appointment.
    3. Other Educational Development:
      1. Healthy Start – for mother’s with infants and pre-schoolers. Topics include: Literacy, nutrition, sleep, etc.
      2. Financial Peace – budgeting, and financial management principles.
  3. We are accountable to our church conference – Fellowship of Evangelical Churches – headquartered in Langham, SK, Canada.